Next General/elections MeetinG april. 11  2018


Thamesford Snowmobile Club has over 150km of groomed trails that are connected to many more km's in Ontario for you to enjoy every year. Right beside London,Ontario! Are trails run by Thamesford, Thorndale, Kintore, Dorchester, Lakeside and St. Marry 's.


We would like to welcome you and your family out to our local Snowmobile events. With the link above you will find all our Clubs event times, and dates! Remember to dress warm.


Come Volunteer with us, we have lots to do. Thameford Snowmobile Club has over a 150km of trail to install every year. Plus with Events and rides we do, we can always use the help. If your high school student needs extra hours for their volunteer school hours, we can help with that to!  Contact us today.